Job Detail

Python Software Developer(Remote)

  • Medium Level
  • Type Fixed
  • Duration: More than 06 months

Project Detail

As a seasoned Python Developer, you will play a pivotal role in conducting code review sessions, emphasizing the importance of mutual feedback that enhances code quality through detailed and constructive criticism.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop efficient Python solutions to solve complex problems
  • Utilize business acumen and analytical abilities to derive actionable insights from public databases
  • Clearly explain reasoning and logic when writing code in Jupyter notebooks or similar platforms
  • Collaborate with researchers to exchange ideas and insights effectively
  • Maintain comprehensive documentation for all developed code
  • Apply data analysis skills to address key business queries using diverse datasets, including those from Kaggle, the UN, and government sources.

Candidate Profile:

  • This role is open to everyone, whether you're just starting out or already have industry experience.
  • A degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or similar hands-on experience.
  • You should know Python well for writing and fixing code.
  • Able to handle mid-level Python coding challenges and understand algorithms.
  • Good problem-solving skills, along with strong reasoning and logical/mathematical abilities, are important.
  • Fluent in English and have good communication skills for working well with others.

To apply for this role visit:Remote Python Developer vacancy