Job Detail

Data Analyst( Remote)

  • Medium Level
  • Type Fixed
  • Duration: More than 06 months

Project Detail

What You Will Do:

  • Explore data trends and provide actionable recommendations to drive strategic decision-making.
  • Continuously seek opportunities to enhance processes across all organizational departments.
  • Collaborate with diverse teams to harness data to advance projects and ideas.
  • Contribute to standardizing data protocols across the company.
  • Develop data models, automated reports, and dashboards per industry best practices.
  • Offer feedback and mentorship to junior colleagues.
  • Utilize your insights to create tangible business value.

What We Expect:

  • Demonstrated experience (1-2 years) with R or Python, preferably both;
  • 1.5+ years of hands-on experience in data analytics;
  • Bachelor's degree in Statistics, Econometrics, IT, or related field;
  • Knowledge of Power BI, SQL, or GitHub is advantageous;
  • Strong listening skills;
  • Ability to translate abstract ideas into actionable analytics projects;
  • Effective communication of complex topics through both verbal and visual mediums;
  • Understanding of best practices in analytics, statistics, and data visualization;
  • Proactive and confident mindset, capable of providing unprompted suggestions and constructive feedback;
  • Enthusiasm and interest in the social media industry;
  • Flexible and "can-do" attitude;
  • Capacity to work independently and efficiently, with some adaptability to dynamic environments;
  • Proficiency in English is essential.

What We Offer:

  • We'll foster your growth: get encouraged to train your extra skills, talents or passion and apply them at work;
  • We'll celebrate your success: referred friends and more;
  • We'll give you memories of team building and other events.

How to apply 

Click this link Data Analyst

Skills Required