Job Detail

AI Backend Developer(Remote)

  • Medium Level
  • Type Fixed
  • Duration: More than 06 months

Project Detail

As an AI Backend Developer, your primary responsibility is to design, implement, and maintain AI models, an AI pipeline building or finetuning models as well as the backend systems that power AI applications.

You will collaborate with cross-functional teams, including frontend developers, AI researchers, and data scientists, to ensure seamless integration of AI models and efficient data processing.

Your role is crucial in building state of the art, robust, scalable, and high-performance backend architectures that support the functionality and intelligence of our AI products.


  • Building high-traffic data intensive backend applications depending on your area of expertise
  • Integrate machine learning models into the backend systems, ensuring effective communication between the frontend and AI components.
  • Develop and optimize backend processes for data ingestion, preprocessing, and storage to support AI training and real-time inference.
  • Design and implement scalable and high-performance backend architectures that can handle the computational demands of AI algorithms.
  • Create and maintain APIs that facilitate communication between the frontend and backend, as well as external services or third-party applications.
  • Cooperating with Engineers, Product Managers, QAs, and Designers to ship new components and features by utilizing our Design System
  • Drafting architectural decisions together with the Engineering Manager and Solution Architect, and exploring new technologies
  • Contributing on team processes via active participation in regular retrospectives
  • Exchanging your knowledge with other Engineers and being part of our One C&A Family
  • As senior you are acting as a mentor to less experienced colleagues, supporting them on their learning journey whilst further developing your own leadership skills
  • Being an active participant in team processes, offering insights in regular retrospectives, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


  • Proficiency in backend programming languages such as Python, Java, and experience with backend frameworks and AI frameworks like Hugging Face (e.g. Transformers, Trainer), PyTorch and Gradio.
  • Understanding of machine learning concepts, and experience integrating AI models into backend systems.
  • Knowledge of database systems (e.g., SQL, NoSQL), embeddings databases and experience in designing and optimizing database structures.

Proficient in leveraging the Hugging Face library for tasks such as model training and inference. Familiarity with Transformers, Tokenizers, and Datasets.

  • Experience with AI Cloud Solutions from AWS, Cloudflare or comparable
  • Proficient in designing, implementing, and maintaining APIs for seamless communication between frontend and backend components.

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